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Plantronics and the environment. Living Green

While Plantronics is recognized globally for many “firsts” in technology and product innovation, we are equally proud of our pioneering efforts towards environmental and social responsibility. For example, did you know that Plantronics Suzhou is the first facility in China to ever receive Gold LEEDs certification for environmental sustainability?Or that Plantronics last year installed the largest solar project in Santa Cruz County?
Or that Plantronics last year installed the largest solar project in Santa Cruz County?

Plantronics understands that many aspects of our business impact the environment and communities in which we live. Everything from materials used during the manufacturing process to food provided in the company cafés affects the health of our local and global ecosystems.

Worldwide Guidelines and Achievement

Plantronics develops, manufactures, and markets products that are safe to use and minimize impact on the environment. We seek to reduce waste and prevent pollution throughout the manufacturing process and the entirety of our product lifecycles. Our products can be reused, recycled, or disposed of safely.
Many governments around the world are putting in place stringent guidelines to improve the state of the environment and to help eliminate hazardous substances. Plantronics is a strong supporter of these efforts and has gone above and beyond the requirements to ensure that we are acting as a responsible corporate citizen.

Materials and Quality

Plantronics was one of the first companies to achieve full RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Requirements) compliance for products shipped to the European Union. Plantronics worked closely with its suppliers to achieve the certification, ensuring its complete supplier network adhered to RoHS requirements. In conjunction with RoHS, Plantronics was at the forefront in compliance with Europe’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. Its compliance guarantees that all discarded products and packaging can be safely disposed of or recycled, thus eliminating the strain on landfills. Plantronics is now working to make all of its facilities RoHS compliant.

Local Responsibility

Plantronics strives to be an environmentally responsible participant in the communities where we operate. With more than 5,000 global associates and operations in 19 countries, Plantronics understands the importance of adhering to programs that promote environmental health and reduce our environmental footprint.

A Look Forward

Plantronics continues to make constant improvements and evaluate new practices and technologies to further advance its environmental programs. We are currently working to become ISO 14001 and RoHS compliant across all regions, achieve environmental management system certification, and transition to 100-percent green packaging. Plantronics has helped pioneer green initiatives across the world and remains committed to innovating new programs that help our associates, company and local and global communities.


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